Monday, March 24, 2008

It's a girl!

Oh, hello there.
I suppose I can't christen this site a newborn, however I can dedicate the baby as a rebirth. It's a little-known-fact that I'm no stranger to life online, in fact I've spent summers in this other dimension, pale, chilled summers in the basement on everything from Neopets to Nexopia, Dollz to Don't Panic, before getting a little more personal. I've kept the blog running since junior high, but it's remained in the private sphere for years and years.

But at a time of Facebook, Digg, youtube, Flickr, etc etc etc..., the facade of online privacy is falling through—I figure if my writing is subject to critique, or at least some form of loyal fan base readership, then—I 'm coming out, I want the world(wide web) to know.

And now, it's time that I let you all into my life, in photos, in rants and raves, in relentless banter about nothing and everything... and into my little corner of the world.

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