Monday, May 11, 2009


... well, my mom thinks it is at least. For good times "out west,", but really just east of Edmonton..

  • Learn an instrument. Preferably one that is stupidly loud and could not possibly be allowed in a condo, particularly one that's good for rage management. Drums will do.
  • Develop a good score-keeping system for Jeopardy. My baby bro, newly accepted into college, with an IQ that makes him a certified genius and more books under his belt a year than I in my lifetime, has come close at beating me at my game ofmastery. But hasn't prevailed yet. Alex would be proud.
  • Go Walmart-ing. Slightly cooler than go-karting, this activity is when you raid various local Walmarts and new, improved Walmart Supercenters (!) in search of one specific item. Yes, I'm sure it has ruined all local businesses; yes, it is definitely a cult. But they have in-store McDonald's! The way I look at it? Makes me think of that commercial for some credit card witht the two ladies pushing shopping carts: 
"So, how much did you save back there?" 
"2 bucks" 
*Stifles a laugh*
"And how much did you save?"
Tonight's mission? Season eight of ER. (Fun fact: I have never watched an episode of ER).

  • And when all else fails: Ice cream will do.


Jamie Lynn said...

you forgot about Thursday nights at the Palomino. $1 highballs and five generations of high school reunions on one dance floor.

, said...

bad things have happened since you've been gone:

palomino's changed its name to something like revival, or roundhouse or something else that starts with an "r" and is far too lame for me to remember

also, minimum drink prices are now set at a province-wide $3.75. no, actually. le sigh