Friday, January 22, 2010

interior (re)design show, online version

helllllo loyal readers,

After months of lacklustre, uninspired blogging, I've desired to start this blog on a little process I like to call metamorphosis. The current plan is to make it more portfolio-ish as a prelude to my upcoming entry into RL (see: REAL WORLD), a hub of sorts to bring together my plethora of social media sources, media in the traditional sense, as well as some more career-minded data. I may switch platforms altogether, but as of now I'm currently toying with a few different formats and designs, so please bear with me during this awkward growth phase (think of it like growing out bangs - worse than before at first, but by the end the result is much more functional AND aesthetically pleasing!). Essentially this blog shall transform from a soapbox for personal rants to, well, something much greater. All I can say about this great transfiguration is this: don't switch that dial, stay tuned folks.