Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

*Note: This photo was taken April 22, 2008, in Sherwood Park Alberta.
N.B. Sherwood Park is NOT, for the record, located in Siberia.

I flew from sandal tans and shoulder sunburns, not to be measured in miles, but degrees—all 35 of them.
-10 snowy, and all-around-gloominess in Edmonton, +25 and tropical in Toronto.
I left the house once day, to find a pair of rainboots (which I have a pair of, in Toronto, but foolishly didn't think I would need for my short stay out west). Maybe now that I have the means to go outside, I will do so tomorrow.
I'm generally an active person—I walk (almost) everywhere, I get full use out of my free gym membership, I can't stand to spend a whole day indoors. Today, I slept 10 hours, watched t.v., read the paper, read a magazine, read a book, napped while my mom drove, and napped while my mom cooked summer. After dinner, I read in bed and only got up to sit at my desk.
Alberta folk speak of the "gorgeous weather" when the snow (sorta) turns to slush, some sun pokes out, and the mercury hovers 'round 0. It's safe to drive when your round-the-corner skid time maxes out at two seconds instead of six or seven.
Drinking grey tea instead of pink lemonade, eating chili cause its too chilly for sorbet.
I went out for a week straight, bare-legged in the city. Now I won't leave the house bare-fingered for fear of losing feeling.
Pity me.

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