Saturday, May 3, 2008

back in T.O.wn.

I was web-surfing the other evening, and mysteriously came across a family childhood photo on someone else's website. It looks as if my little brother just peed the pool and grandpa's taking him out while I pout (yet foolishly forget to flee!) Otherwise... uninspired tonight.
I feel under-rug-swept and underwhelmed 'cause I've got nothing cooking on the back burner, with no homework and looming deadlines boiling over I'm cooling off... just like the frigin' weather.
I'm caught up on Gossip Girl (which you can, of course, still watch online) and Rolling Stone (but seriously, Heidi Montag on the cover?! mon-tagonizingly disappointing).
In the last few weeks, I've devoured I'm With the Band, and a couple of books from a couple famous Chucks. My pages are all water-logged from the countless hours I've logged reading in the bathtub (and, admittedly, sweating on them on the stationery bike).

Ah, yes, but one lone discovery as of late: city biking!
Far more interesting (and stunningly dangerous) than biking in suburbia, biking to work is faster than walking, eco-friendly, and just looks damn cool. 'Specially if your bike looks like the one I've got my sights set on. But, lessons learnt: when borrowing a bike from someone less vertically inclined than yourself, ask first if you can raise the seat. Not only do you avoid looking like a clown riding downtown, but your ass will be suitable to be seated within the next few hours (ouch). Bike lanes are o.k. but bike paths are twice as nice! Bike rides to che(er)ry blossoms in high park and new ideas and summertime feelings blooming.
First, however I must conquer getting out of bed.

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