Monday, August 11, 2008

are YOU ready?

It all started out with pink.

The rebellious, fashionistos at high school, rockin' the pink tee (likely to be paired with a fake-vintage-logo trucker hat, a la Ashton Kutcher). Guys were finally comfortable with their sexuality, and not afraid to step out in a nice rose shade.

A few years ago, American Apparel extended the classic v-neck shape to the men's department. At first, it was a v, now it's a vee... the deep v. I saw a vee so deep last week (at Sneaky Dee's, mind you) that I was worried the wearer's chest hair was soon to transform into treasure trail. And apparently it won't be a cut above for the coming season―men's vee's are here to stay. Chest hair, beware.

T-shirts are one thing. A basic shape shared by both sexes for years, a standard cut, a standard material. You can't really go wrong with Fruit of the Loom. But for every fall-back staple in fashion, there's an equal and opposite unfortunate piece, that gives me an utterly unimpressed reaction.

Men in skirts. What happened to men at work? It's like Boyz II Girls meets Backstreet Babes. What's next, men in floral, floaty dresses? Call me a traditionalist, but if a 'man' ever shows up on a date wearing an outfit more effeminate than I, I'll bid my farewell and boot it to the nearest Amish community... even if I'm running in heels.

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Russless said...

This is a trend even I won't get behind.

My favourite part of this entry: It's labeled "Popping culture"