Thursday, August 14, 2008

quite the fortnight.

In two weeks, I've...
  • Cut my hair... twice.
  • Screamed at my credit card statement after a NY trip where the most common phrase to exit my mouth (even for Orbit at 7-11) was "charge it"... and then again, when I realized all I bought was pretty, frilly summer dresses and went out and decided I needed to buy a week's worth of practical clothing.
  • Taken on two new jobs. Only one shall remain next week.
  • Acquired a taste for hip-hop. Yes, even the typical rock-or-bust chicks have their phases. Nothing beats biking to beats a la the Midnight Marauders (this, of course, was aided by an ode to NYC's hip-hop scene circa 1994. Jonathan Levine makes Boyz II Men look whack, er, wiggity-wack).
  • Bought a television after a year's hibernation. ... And then a splitter, so I can watch t.v. AND read nymag simultaneously, because that's absolutely and entirely necessary.
  • Drank blueberry beer and a green apple beer float... and actually enjoyed the latter.
  • Lived out of a suitcase. Not the same bag, mind you, but out of a bag for two weeks straight nonetheless.
Oh yeah. And partied with Kenneth Hotz.... God's gift to womankind.

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